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Art Director/Graphic & Web Designer...

Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Efficient and proficient in Graphic Design and Web Design & Development including the respective softwares such as Adobe Creative Suite with good knowledge and understanding of Web Development softwares such as HTML, CSS, using Adobe Dreamweaver or any coding software. Familiarity with Wordpress, Cinema 4D and BLENDA 3D using both MAC and Windows operating systems. All software is self taught and experience gained in over 15 years working in advertising and marketing. My pursuit of knowledge in Art and Graphics began in the late 80s and early 90s having experienced the joy of Graffiti. My first Graphic Artist job took me to a small Public Relations and Advertising company which started my professional experience and career. After 5 years grasping the advertising techniques of the 90's, I moved on to a more established Advertising Agency where after a short period of time, I became an Art Director.

My other Display Sites includes:

I began learning more techniques in Graphic Design, Typography, Web Designing and 3 Dimensional Art and also teaching/helping others who are willing to learn about this profession. My philosophy "Life is design in itself" speaks to Design all around us, in people, structures, nature itself. If we are willing to learn, then we can be taught - If we can be taught, we will always be learning.

For fun I take photographs and try to keep up with going to the gym.

I provide the following services:
(Anything design-wise)

Brand development for your company or personal. All logo development and design identity is done to the specific needs of every client, with a fresh approach taken all the time to provide the best brand development and awareness.

Design versatility ranges from Advertisements, Collateral materials (brochures, booklets, flyers, etc.), Point of Purchase (POPs) materials (Posters, standees, hanging mobiles, etc..) and Outdoor materials (signs, banners, window signs, billboards, superboards, vehicle wraps, building wraps). Always designed to meet your specific needs.

Custom designs for websites based on your requirements & preferences using HTML5, CSS, Dreamweaver and Javascript to accomplish desired user experience and interactivity. A website that is only good to look at is not enough, it has to have ease of functionality and appeals to the relevant demography.

Please view attached PDF of Curriculum Vitae here.

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