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Digital Artist - Art Director - Graphic Designer - Aspiring Web Designer and Web Programmer

Basically, I am an Artist. Self taught in most if not all graphic programmes that I use, namely, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Bridge, Dreamweaver and some aspects of Flash), QuarkXpress and anything else that I can learn, I will learn. For instance, this site was done using Dreamweaver (HTML and CSS coding) with a Flash slider.

I "dabble" in most programmes and learn as much techniques as possible or that is interesting to me. Learning never ends, and the quest to learn is always on-going. I sit around the computer like most designers and I create creative stuff. Of course I have knowledge of both MAC and PC especially after working in an Advertising Agency for over 10 years as a Art Director/Graphic Designer. One can say that I am a Designer at heart and Designer by talent.

WHAT DO I DESIGN? - Whatever you want.
WHAT DO I CREATE? - Anything.
WHEN WILL YOU GET IT? - Whenever you want it.
WANT TO KNOW MORE? - Check out my portfolio.